Ryan Schneider is a lifelong writer who began as a reader. As a child, his mother was forced to read to him at least one hour per night in exchange for his agreeing to go to sleep.

This love of books led to a love of writing, for which he discovered he seemed to have a natural knack. After receiving accolades from English teachers in high school and from his English professor during his first semester of college, Ryan changed majors from Pre-Med to English Literature. Several of his short stories were published in the university literary magazine and “Get Off” went on to win a scholarship, allowing Ryan to attend the Feather River Writer’s Conference, a three-day writing retreat in the mountains of Truckee, California.

After graduating with honours (Magnum cum Laude) from the University of the Pacific with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Film Studies, Ryan moved to Hollywood and attended UCLA, studying screenwriting and independent producing. During this time Ryan wrote a handful of screenplays and co-produced a 30-minute short film.

Ryan then changed course and jumped into the world of aviation, as it had always been his dream to be a pilot. He earned his wings and went on to attain a Commercial Pilot’s License, as well as Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings.

It is the unique combination of these backgrounds in writing and aviation which led to the writing of THE GO-KIDS series, a journey Ryan has been on since the summer of 2004. Books One through Five are currently available, with more soon to follow. He also co-wrote THE PILLOW BOOK with petal darker. THE PILLOW BOOK is a collection of related short stories accompanied by a running dialogue between the co-authors.

When not writing, Ryan enjoys reading, eating pizza, traveling, weightlifting and running. He has participated in several marathons and a triathlon, and plans to complete additional events in the future. He is also a self-described movie nut. When he was four years old, his dad took his sister and him to see “Jaws.” Ryan is confident it was watching Robert Shaw be eaten alive which fostered his desire to elicit powerful emotions in others through the telling of tales.

Ryan also enjoys being with his wife Taliya, a talented singer/songwriter/music producer and creator of two albums. Taliya received a Guinness World Record for recording her original song “Flower Child” in 15 languages.

Ryan resides in Palm Springs, California with his wife Taliya, where he is at work on the next installment of THE GO-KIDS, as well as additional writing projects.


Kingdom City, New York.


On the eve of his 13th birthday, Parker Perkins stands in the corner of his bedroom, his back against the wall. Constant, terrifying nightmares plague his sleep and he stares at his bed, exhausted, almost delirious, yet afraid to crawl under the covers. The brilliant lights of Kingdom City’s skyline glow on the other side of the glass wall of Parker’s bedroom on the 147th floor of Sky City South.

It has been a trying day and Parker is desperate to sleep. His dad is coming home on leave from the war tomorrow. It is Parker’s ultimate birthday present and he wants to look rested, so his dad won’t worry about him. Parker has only memories and 3-D lasergraphs to remind him of his mother, killed in The Attack three years ago, just before his dad quit his job and joined the Special Forces.

In the morning, Parker will enjoy a buffet breakfast with his best friend Bubba Black, perhaps receive a Happy Birthday greeting from Sunny Harper, with whom Parker has shared many tender moments in anticipation of their first kiss. Parker will then go with his dad to Sky City Hobbies and Toys, where he will get in line with the thousands of other kids eagerly waiting to meet their heroes Colby Max and Igby Fry, stars of the smash-hit Go-Boy feature films. Colby and Igby are even bringing their Go-Boy Battle-Suits. Parker yearns to get up close to a Battle-Suit. Though he likes Colby Max and Igby Fry and loves their movies, it is the Battle-Suit he most adores.

In the morning, on his way out the door, Parker literally bumps into a man in a menacing uniform. He knows instantly his birthday is not going to go as planned.

A SHADOW PASSED OVER THE SON is the first installment in the epic urban fantasy adventure series THE GO-KIDS, a series involving young protagonists dealing with universal themes of growing up, friendship, and loss of innocence, themes of children coming of age in an age of war.

Ride along during the ongoing adventures of Parker, Sunny, Bubba, Igby, and Colby, characters readers will come to know and love.

Ryan’s Cause:

The Wounded Warrior Project (http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org)

The brave men and women of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps answer the call, go where they are sent, and do their best to complete the mission with which they are tasked.

Regardless of our personal political beliefs or affiliations, it is imperative that as a nation we stand united behind these brave men and women, so that never again will they be forced to return home in shame for having done their duty and served their country.

I’ve lost count of the number of young men I have seen who are fitted with a prosthetic limb, having been wounded in the line of duty. Many, many, many more bear scars from wounds less visible.

As a Thank You, 100% of proceeds from sales of A SHADOW PASSED OVER THE SON are donated to The Wounded Warrior Project, a noble organization committed to aiding and assisting veterans.

So please contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, purchase A SHADOW PASSED OVER THE SON for Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle, Amazon.com offers free apps for all devices, including PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, etc.

If you are a member of the US military, active duty, veteran, retired, etc., all my books are available to you free of charge. Please contact me to receive a complimentary eBook copy of whichever book(s) you want to read. And THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.



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