Author Photo - Black & WhiteMy name Is Rocky Rochford, I’m a 22 year old Writer, born and breed from the UK, but instead of living a Life in the cold, wet, pissing down nation that is England, I currently reside in Spain, the country spent most of my life and even based a novel. The novel Phoenix Rises, first one in my espionage thriller series Deep Water.

Not only content with just novel writing, my background features various activities, such as for the last 6 years I have taken to journalism, working both freelance and penning a column. I am a philosophy spouting poet and penned my very own collection, which like most of my current works, is undergoing publication. I have also been the writer to a number of animations on both Youtube & I have shot and written my own short films. However not only am I a writer, but I am also a jet-ski driving, boat commanding, wake boarding, scuba diving PADI Divemaster as well. Like writing, scuba diving is another love close to my heart, as is conservation.




Phoenix RisesWhen Terrorists commanding a nuclear submarine had kidnapped the British Prime Minister, a small Special Ops unit was despatched to rescue him and neutralize the terrorist threat. The plan was simple, but betrayal soon followed, resulting in the death of the Prime Minister and two members of the Special Ops unit.

Several years after surviving the dreaded event, Captain John Lewis had made a new life for himself and left the past behind him, but it’s not long before old secrets come to light and his past catches up with him, he survived the nightmare once, can he survive it again?

Terrorism, Betrayal, Revenge & Cold bloodied Murder, that’s just the opening chapter. In this tale of Mayhem, Chaos & Destruction, Death rains down from the skies, will anyone survive?

Dead on the Floor Cover ArtThe beginning of the End starts now. For some of us, Life can be cruel, dealing us a losing hand and for Matthew Radley, a young Wiccan practitioner that is exactly what he got. After a lifetime of chaos, pain and losing himself, he finally got everything he wanted, the woman he loved, the future he desired and a reason to live, but in a single moment he lost it all. Unable to take the pain and no longer desire to live, Matthew takes the one thing he has left, his own life. For Matthew, his story has to end, in order for it to begin, his story has no happy ending, for his is a life of Love, Magick, Courruption & Death and only asks for understanding.

Little Boy Death Cover ArtLife is a wondrous journey we all undergo and it can be good or it can be bad. We are forever finding ourselves on moments that will forever shape us. In the form of Poetry this is a story of a life, the Life of Little Boy Death, a troubled soul from day one and now he is ready to share his soul with the world, letting his every fear, insecurity and nightmare be known. It is in the darkness of the soul, true beauty and depth can be found, buried deep within the years of torment, heartache and self-loathing.

Spirit of Iris Cover ArtSet in a world much unlike our own, on a lonesome planet at the end of the universe, an epic between good and evil is about to come to pass. Living in a medieval era, the inhabitants of the world find themselves up against the dreaded Shanzi, vile creatures of pure darkness who seek one thing, the annihilation of that is good and there is only one who can stop them, a young boy by the name of Zach who must Rise up against the forces of darkness and drive them back to the shadow existence from whence they came.

Don't Turn AroundI am Death.
And I am hungry.
And there you are,
Unaware of my arrival.

Don’t turn around.

With Halloween around the corner, this is a short 26 page long story of murder, as you join an un-named killer on his latest spate of killings as he makes his way to his final victim. This is a dark tale featuring a number of curse words, adult natured and sexual references, along with blood and brutality.

The short story itself sees its release in ebook format, on the 10/30/14 and is available for Pre-order now:

Rocky’s Causes:

I aim to donate to Project Aware, a cause supported by PADI. I am a PADI Divemaster and have spent a great number of years scuba diving, so ocean conservation is a matter close to my heart and during my time in journalism, I often wrote about Ocean conservation matters.

I also aim to give to Amigos del Mar, a non-profit organisation based in Southern Spain, whom I am currently affiliated with and help with publicity:


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