Jo VonBargen, Texas author and poet, grew up in Albuquerque, NM, moving to Texas in 1967.

I’ve written stories and articles all my life, but only began writing poetry seriously in the early nineties. You could say I’m sort of a “higher plane” writer, leaning toward the “big” picture, trying to elevate the discourse, rise above, whatever you wish to call it…some would even point out metaphysical leanings. To me, there is a vast, awake, alive universe of which we are a very small part. My core essence, I believe, is a feeling of connectedness to every other being, a highly developed sense of “community”, and tolerance and respect for all.

I have no interest in my poems landing in the halls of academe, suited up, pristine and “appropriate”. I’m fully content to post them here, among friends of like mind who are not afraid to read something real. I will never bow to pretentiousness. My life now and always will be spent lifting up truth and the incredible word.

My proudest accomplishments, I suppose, are my 4 children, now grown, all of them joyous, compassionate and self-sustaining, and none of them in jail. All else is vapor, soon gone.

As the wife of a man with several severe personality disorders, my life has not been easy, so I try to write truthfully about our difficult relationship, hoping to bring these “closeted” matters into the light of day and increase understanding both in my own mind and in the public arena. I try to remember these trying times are character-building ones, and therefore have intrinsic worth.

YOUR THIN BONES: Letters I Never Sent You

An intense collection of “letters” written in response to my husband’s usually appalling behavior.

Written for all whose daily lives are touched by a family member or friend with autism or Asperger syndrome, with a special dedication to those who endure the trials of living with someone with an attendant personality disorder which is not manageable by treatment. There’s sure to be a special place in heaven for those who bear this burden.

It is my sincere hope that I have do not offend anyone with the rawness of my emotions in reaction to what are a very complicated and serious set of medical conditions. It may seem that I am not informed or lack expertise in the subject at hand, therefore do not “understand” the reasons for my husband’s behavior. I do indeed understand, and if this work seems lacking in compassion, please remember it is purely cathartic. The writing has been my only outlet and I would probably be in a home somewhere had I not been able to let off steam. Indeed, my experiences have greatly enhanced my compassion for the multitude of others who cope with this darkness and, like me, find themselves isolated from society and any chance of a normal, happy life. It is my belief that speaking the truth, however ugly, is the only way to clear understanding.

OASIS: Transcending Hard Times

Is the current climate of uncertainty getting you down? Are you finding yourself in pure survival mode? These are truly hard times, for sure. We all need to find periodic sanctuary, an oasis, to withstand the new “abnormal”, whether it be world issues, politics, budget constraints, unemployment, seemingly endless wars…

Let us climb above the fray and look at the big picture, at what is of primary importance, at what will bring our frazzled minds some much-needed peace. Perhaps…just perhaps…we can make it a habit.

From This Far Time (The Human Saga)
From This Far Time is a labor of love. I envisioned it to be a poetry “time capsule” for future generations who might have some curiosity about the first part of human history. It would be impossible, of course, to include the whole of that story, so I’ve simply touched on significant events that have had an impact on my life and millions of others. This is my fiercest writing to date, taut and terse as bleached bones.
It’s inevitable with the first part that someone will take umbrage on either side of the Creation/evolution debate; my view is that the two sides actually complement one another. Whatever your own concept of God…omnipotent or myth or not sure…our beginnings remain of deep interest. Personally, I think that this vast, complex universe is beyond knowing. We touch but the hem of its magnificence, its mysteries, in our strivings. That said, this work is written from what I’ve absorbed of the few things we think we know.

Explicit details of the Creation process itself are not written anywhere, nor are just how long six days were to God, who dictated His books. Darwin kept good notes and wrote his own. Different texts, written for different times, different capabilities of mortal understanding, and lest we forget, both filtered through the frail human lens. As far as I can see, their stories don’t clash. Just make six days last 2.5 billion years and there you have it…a vivid lesson in the virtue of patient observation and getting the details right, from both of them.

Jo’s Cause:

CAUSE: Operation Homefront (

Whether we are hawks or doves, we all owe a  debt of gratitude to our  service members who stand on the wall and protect our liberties 24/7 and who are willing to pay the ultimate price for each of us. Ten percent of my book sales go to this agency.

Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.

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