Jo Marshall writes eco-literary adventure novels for young fantasy readers (8 years old +).  Eco-literature is just an easier way of saying “children’s literature with an environmental theme.”  Her series, Twig Stories, tells of impish, stick creatures that live in old growth forests, and how climate change is impacting their world. Jo finds it hard to ignore creatures or global warming – both surround her – three active volcanoes loom across the valley from her home, and an old growth forest is her back yard. Her landscape is full of all sorts of life that is truly wild.

Jo’s first two novels, Leaf & the Rushing Waters and Leaf & the Sky of Fire, were published last year.  Now she spends too much time researching for the next two, Leaf & the Long Ice and Leaf & Echo Peak.  However, she still has time to take her young daughter to her horseback riding lessons, and watch Dr. Who with her college-age son. What time remains, is spent enjoying old movies with her husband, or listening to Big Band era music. Jo also works and collects Norman Rockwell puzzles.

One of the joys of writing Twig Stories for Jo is collaborating with D.W. Murray, the illustrator for the series. David is a professional Disney and Universal Pictures artist, yet finds time in between projects to create the lively characters, creatures, and scenes for the stories. Not surprisingly, the stories are greatly enhanced by David’s talent.

After a many years traveling, which encompass her own military tour in Japan, and her husband’s in West Berlin, Kansas, and many assignments in the DC area, Jo now lives in a very soggy Snohomish, Washington in the Pacific Northwest, and loves it there.


Twig Stories are listed as recommended reading for several environmental nonprofits, in North America (and yes, that includes Canada!).

Leaf & the Sky of Fire was submitted for 2011 Newton Marasco Green Earth Book Award, and made the short list!

Leaf & the Rushing Waters and Leaf & the Sky of Fire each received Four Star reviews from The San Francisco Book Review in 2011.



Twig Stories

Weird things are happening in the Twigs’ old forest. Vicious bark beetles attack trees. Wildfires never end. Ice dams burst in the mountains, and floods rage down canyons. Vast, sparkling glaciers fade away, and with them, fresh water. The Twigs and the wild creatures of the forest are uneasy.

And yet, in the midst of disappearing habitats, a battle is underway for a healthy world. Beavers build mighty dams that help control floods and wildfires.  Bark beetles are fought, and rare trees saved from extinction. Glaciers may shrink, but their precious water need not be lost.  Finally a lesson is learned from the eruption of Mount St. Helens – there is incredible rebirth possible in the natural world.  Twigs are certain even the tiniest plants and creatures will adapt, and so they battle to survive.

Twig Stories are truly a journey into climate crisis.

Leaf & the Rushing Waters

As a glacier melts, a massive dam of ice fractures, and the rushing waters flood an old growth forest! Impish, stick creatures called Old Seeder Twigs are stranded in their tree home! Their fate is tied to an enormous and sinister beaver far away. A young Twig named Leaf and his fearless friend Rustle fly off on a gigantic leaf across dangerous grasslands seeking help. But the journey proves far more treacherous than imagined. Their only hope for rescue dims. Jittery chipmunks and a mysterious Twig stranger join the perilous mission, but time is growing very short. The Old Seeder is drowning. The goliath beaver must build a mighty dam to save Leaf’s home, but will he even try?



Leaf & the Sky of Fire  (Please use the SF book cover image here)

In a dying forest – infested with bark beetles – small, stick creatures called Twigs are forced to hide in a cave, or be devoured by ravenous barkbiters! A young Twig named Leaf attempts a foolhardy rescue, but instead he leads them all into greater danger. Now they are pursued by barkbiters and fire!

Still, the Twigs have courageous companions. Three loyal salamanders and a fearless, misplaced chameleon guard the Twigs as they escape over a barren ridge. In their darkest moments, a spirit bear stalks them. And the barkbiters are relentless. Soon the firestorm panics all the forest creatures! But there is one passage south, if only the Twigs discover it in time!



Leaf & the Long Ice  Coming in 2012

Excited by stories of summer snow, Leaf’s brothers, Buddy and Burba, ride a giant moth
to the dangerous, shrinking glacier of Echo Peak! But melting ice & blue tubes are more
than the twins bargained for! A scary hermit & courageous goats are Leaf’s only hope to save the twins!





Leaf & Echo Peak Coming in 2013

A mammoth volcano rumbles a warning. Twigs must escape when Echo Peak wakes up!

But all the forest paths are perilous. Many follow Leaf & courageous marmots down into a creepy prehistoric lava tube, but deadly bats & vicious moles block their way!

Where can Twigs hide when a volcano erupts?


Jo’s Causes:

Jo shares her royalties with many environmental nonprofits that protect endangered wildlife and old growth forests. Most are involved with climate change research, too. Her favorite nonprofits have amazing, dedicated leadership and excellent youth conservation and education programs. They are:

The British Columbia Wildlife Park in Kamloops, Canada

The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition in British Columbia

The Lands Council in Spokane, Washington / Worth a Dam in Martinez, California

Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife in Dolgeville, New York


Twig Stories website:

Facebook Jo Marshall author page

Facebook Twig Stories fan/book page (

Email: and (paperback & Kindle) for Leaf & the Rushing Waters (paperback & Kindle) for Leaf & the Sky of Fire

Significant discounts are available if you go to the Twig Stories website,, and use the links to the publisher’s E-store!

Twig Stories are also available worldwide through many on-line bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, and from distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor.





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