CK -2012I am a writer, reader, author, and publisher. I am a mother of two, mostly grown, children and a wife. I consider myself a jack of all trades and master of none. I like working with my hands so when the need or desire arises, I crochet, sew, tile, paint, cross stitch, frame pictures, stain furniture, cut and split fire wood, x-country ski, train and ride horses…

But my main love is writing. I started writing in college (a while ago!) and haven’t stopped since. For a reason I don’t really know, ʼround about 2003 I decided I wanted to write a novel. Up to that point I had been writing short children’s stories, but never pursued publication. In March of 2008 Rosebloom was born. And as any writer can tell you, it was a birth! It was perhaps a bit more for me since I self published the work, which isn’t particularly hard, but just takes a lot of time. (I didn’t use on online method but went through a brick and mortar printer).

In 2010 I published book II in the series – A Burnished Rose – and I’m busy on the screenplay for that same story. I published the third and final novel in the Rose Series – Rose from the Ashes – in September, 2012, and Living in the House of Drugs in spring the 2013. I wrote The Red Velvet Box because I was inspired. My newest book project is an historical fiction novel about the creation and creators of Nancy Drew! I’m having the time of my life!




Rose – a precocious young girl in 1930s Wisconsin – runs away from home by getting a job on a Mississippi River boat to avoid going onto high school and what she sees as a certain path to marriage and motherhood.

What she seeks is adventure. What she finds is much more.





BurnishedRoseFrontCoverA Burnished Rose:

Rose Krantz, a soon-to-be eighteen-year-old, has just come home to the family farm in southwest Wisconsin after running away from home two years earlier to follow her dream. She’s home because her mother has been ill, but Rose is not looking to stay. Despite the objections of her family and a new man who comes into her life, Rose makes it back to her second home, New Orleans, and her boyfriend, Malcolm.

Then, early one morning on December 7, 1941, bombs explode on the small, distant island of Hawaii. This incident pushes Rose, who is in Baton Rouge training to be a nurse, into a global conflict that ironically will come to be known as “The Good War.”


_rose 3-front-Rose From the Ashes:

Shell shock, battle fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder―it all means the same thing to veterans who have served their country by putting themselves in harm’s way. But for women veterans of WWII like Rose Krantz, it also meant coming back to a country that, even during the war, hadn’t given them the rights that the lowest-ranking male soldier enjoyed, barely acknowledged the sacrifices they had all made, and, in some cases, chastised them for even participating.

So in 1945, when Rose came home to bury her husband only to find out she was pregnant with his child, her nightmares, her daily anxieties, and the two men who wanted to protect her, had to be put aside until Rose was finally forced to come to terms with it all.


rough10The Red Velvet Box:

It is 1954 and Katherine Gale has just turned thirteen, though she likes it when people say she looks older. But no matter what year it is, when you’re thirteen, you still don’t like cleaning your room, having to sit next to your younger brothers, or go visit your elderly Grandmother. Katherine and her mother, Ruth, are about to do just that.

Grandma Blanch is eighty-four and getting forgetful, so it was decided she has to move soon and Ruth needs help sorting through Grandma’s things. Katherine only has younger brothers, so she gets volunteered for the task. What Katherine and her mother don’t know is that Grandma Blanch needs more help then they realize, and Katherine, unwittingly, discovers how to do just that. What Katherine doesn’t expect is that she gains a new friend in the process.

smashwords-wt-4Living in the House of Drugs:

As a child in 1980s, Chicago Willie stole to help feed his brothers, sister, and himself. In grade school his teacher told him to have his parents help him with his homework, but his mother, the only parent around, didn’t know how. As a young man Willie started smoking pot, which easily turned into harder drugs. This eventually led Willie to a life under someone’s front porch, two prison sentences, numerous trips to jail, and various recovery programs.

Living in the House of Drugs is the story of Willie Lee Triplett, a recovering addict and alcoholic. It tells of Willie’s life in the suburbs of one of Chicago’s poorer neighborhoods, his chance trip to Wisconsin, and his struggle for sobriety. It’s a no-holds-barred account of Willie’s life on the street, in prison, and the roller coaster ride of recovery that many addicts know well. The story is unique in its telling, following not only Willie’s interesting life story but also the author’s interactions with Willie as she learns of his sometimes sordid past, seeing beyond the story and into the man.




2012 group and projectChristine’s Cause:

The money I give to is a to a group in El Salvador that works in the capital of San Salvador and rural areas around the country to help educate poor children. They have set up a child sponsorship program that helps children with the things they need to attend school – simple things that many rural and poor urban families can’t afford. When I started working with this group approximately 10 years ago, we primarily sponsored grade school children. Now many of the sponsored children go onto high school and a few even to college or a trade school! I help support this program with extra money that they need to keep the program going. My family personally sponsors three children in the rural areas of San Rafael and Algeria. I have sent along a couple pictures of kids in Alegria and one of the boys we sponsor and his father.


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